Rizzieri Team

Rizzieri Team

Management Team

  • Frank Rizzieri
    Chief Executive Oficer / Owner / Director
  • Sal Rizzieri
  • Anna Rizzieri
  • Jim Accardi
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Nancy Leuzzi
    Director of Human Resources & Operations
  • Paula Brown
    Director of Government Affairs & New Business Development
  • Kristina Grocott
  • Andrea Gambino
    Inventory / Accounts Payable / A Medical Spa Manager
  • Carly McGrath
    Administrative Resource Coordinator
  • Drew Davis
    Marketing Director

“Trends will always come and go, so your hairstyle should always be about what looks best for you regardless of trends...”

– Tom DeGrandis

Rizzieri Salon & Spa at Moorestown Mall

  • Maria Christinzio
    General Manager
  • Avonne Spaulding
    Assistant Manager
  • Amie DiMarco
    Assistant Manager
  • Niecy LeSure
    Director Texture Hair

Rizzieri Salon at Voorhees Town Center

  • Alyssa Caloiero

Rizzieri Salon at Washington Township

  • Mia Lembesis
    General Manager
  • Betty Ann Messick
    Assistant Manager
  • Kristen Skelly
    Assistant Manager

You should always choose a hair color that reflects your lifestyle and ability to maintain it. Blondes are high-maintenance colors that require more commitment, while brunettes require less. If you’re coloring to cover up grays, you should have a touch-up every three to five weeks. Many think they can go longer, but often the gray has already started showing.” 
– Sharon Crowell

Trends will always come and go, so your hairstyle should always be about what looks best for you regardless of trends. And, longer hair should be trimmed, at maximum, every eight weeks because the style basically disappears after that. Shorter hair requires more maintenance with frequent trimmings, but is usually easy to style on a day-to-day basis. It’s a trade-off.” 
– Tom DeGrandis

Good makeup starts with a good skin care routine. You should always properly cleanse your skin – cleansers with a mild glycolic acid are great time savers because they cleanse and naturally exfoliate at the same time.

The other important part of a good skin care routine is to always use a good moisturizer with a sunscreen before you apply any makeup.” 
– Maria Quintas

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