8 Amazing and Fun Autumn Makeup Looks For Fashionistas


When it comes to new fashion trends, you can count on fall for some of the coolest new looks to pop up all around you. Getting your makeup done has never been easier now that you know exactly what to ask for! We want to make sure you know the best looks this season for every event you find yourself going to this autumn season.

Bluebelle Eyes

Blue eye makeup this fall is the way to go if you are looking for a zesty pop of color. Using a soft shade of blue will be great for making any eye color pop. Blue compliments colors like brown, green, hazel, and even other shades of blue very well. So this means that it is a color that is suited for you no matter the eye color you have. If you try it out, you may find that this look is the one for you.

2000’s Glossy Lips

Glossy lips are coming back with a band this fall in lovely light pink shades. Gloss is a simple, easy product that you can use anytime for any occasion. You can even pair it up over a lipstick for a glossy lipstick look if plain gloss isn’t quite your speed.

Sky Blue Liners

Blue eyeliner to match the blue hues of the shadow you choose is a great way to have a trendy, matching makeup look for the lady who loves bold blues. Use a pastel blue for a bright pop of color, or a navy blue for a mysterious, edgy look.

Cut Creases with Scarlett Eyeshadow

Dark, moody Scarlett shades are a perfect way to match up with the warm fall colors. A cut crease look is just great for making color pop on your eyes, giving you a unique way to wear your newest red palette.

Classic Smokey Look

The smokey eye is one way you can look classic and fashionable. If you love a smokey eye then this season will be the perfect opportunity for you to show off your skills. You can go with a classic dark color, or even combine the smokey look with the trending blue shades of our autumn fashion looks.

Matte Red Lipstick

A matte red lip is something that always seems to make a snappy comeback. This is an especially nice retro look if you think back to when the red lip was popular back in the sixties. You can bet that this beautiful warm shade will make your look pop no matter what you wear. You can never go wrong with the classics like this.

Bright Bold Blush

A gorgeous bold-faced blush is a great way to really emphasize those rosy cheeks and bold cheekbones. Make it really pop with a bright pink shade. You will look stunning with this dusty blushed look.

Bare Faced Appearance

A no makeup, makeup look is one that is becoming more and more popular lately. With an increase in praise for a bare face and in celebrating women’s natural looks, a bare-faced makeup look can be a great way to transition yourself into confidence in your natural skin. Makeup should, of course, be something that you use for your own enjoyment and self-expression, rather than a way to determine your self-worth.

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