Why A Luxurious Balayage Is Perfect For This Season


Have you been considering changing your hair? Well, why not go for it this season with a classic and fashionable balayage? You can get a whole new look plus some great benefits that go along with utilizing this technique. This is the month of the balayage, and we are here to tell you why. 

Low Maintenance Hair Color Care

If you want a new color for the season, then you will be happy to know about the ease in which a balayage can be cared for. While you still should use a color safe shampoo, you don’t need to worry as much about color touch-ups with balayage. You save money in your beauty routine with fewer appointments, whereas if you go for normal hair coloring or highlights you will find yourself spending more time and money in the salon than you may have hoped. 

The Procedure Is Allergen Safe!

If you have certain allergies, it can be difficult to find a way to color your hair without the annoyance of a reaction. The great thing about a balayage in this instance is how it is applied. It sits only on the hair, not the scalp itself. So it won’t be touching you or absorbing into your skin. You can have a comfortable experience with beautiful results without having to worry about breakouts or sensitivity. 

There Is A Variety Of Popular Looks Right Now!

If you are wondering what looks are most popular with balayage right now, you will be thrilled to know about the sheer variety available in the trends. You can warm up your curls with honeyed tones for depth and volume. You can try out a silvery blue look, for a bold and current style. For a pop of warm color, berry burgundy on a black base is a color you can not miss out on. Even bright blonde highlights and highlights on a shiny chestnut brunette are booming for a more natural look. 

Versatile Enough To Suit Any Desire

On top of the ease of care, you can get almost anything done with a balayage. Bright bold colors or a subtle change are both achievable with this technique. You can have an ombre effect on your color or even simple highlights. Your hair can look great regardless because this technique is designed to be as bright or subtle as you want. 

Healthier Procedure For Your Hair

With balayage, you do not rely on saturating your hair with color or dousing it in bleach to achieve your desired look. The technique is strategic and offers you healthier hair in return. You can keep a full, shiny, voluminous look, without the need to worry as much about how the coloring will affect your hair. 

Preparing For Your Appointment

If you want to try out balayage for your next color technique, there are a few recommendations on how to prep your hair for the treatment before you come into the salon. First, you will want to know if your hair is healthy enough to withstand color, so having a consultation is highly recommended. After this, and your appointment is secured, you want to remember to keep your hair washed and product free the day of your appointment. Refrain from putting in any products like hairspray, or gel, so that your stylist can have the control they need to give you radiant new hair color. The purpose behind this is so that there aren’t any barriers between your hair and the color, giving you the brightest color possible to start. 

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