Stunning Bridal Hair Styles For The New Fall Bride


Wedding bells are in the distance and love is in the air! Your wedding day is coming up, and you are still clueless as to how you want your hair to look. Getting your hair styled for your wedding is a big deal, so knowing what you want when you go in is essential in getting the best look possible!

Turn Your Hair Into A Crown

If for your wedding, you want to wear a tiara, but can not quite afford it, then this is your solution. Using your hair to create a crown with twists is stylish, creative, and affordable. Decorate it to make it even more flashy! 

Try It Mythical

If you were a fan of Greek mythology, then hair inspired by mythology could be beautifully elegant and creative.  Updos like the classic chignon can give you that mythical look you are sure to love. 

The Elegance of Ballerina Buns

If you enjoy simple, lovely looks then this is the wedding style for you. Ballerina buns are soft, warm styles that offer a lot of class and elegance for your wedding. If you love ballerinas, dance and prestige then this is the look for you. 

Short Hair and Sparkle

Pixie cuts and shorter hair in general have become more and more popular among women lately. So why not embrace those short-haired looks for your wedding? You can get a fresh new haircut and decorate it however you please- but we recommend using glitter if you can't! That makes for a rather cute look with minimal time spent on styling!

Pinned Up Bun

A simply styled bun with decorative pins can be just the right style for a fall bride! Using fall-themed clips, pearly pins, and anything other decorative items will be incredibly easy with this beautiful hairstyle.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Half Up With Fishtails 

If you like braids, then this is your perfect look! Leaving half of your hair down will provide ample warmth- especially for an outdoor wedding. And you still get to rock those gorgeous fishtail braids you love! 

The Messy Style Updo

If you want a more tousled and casual look, while still being chic and lovely, then try out a messy updo. With these, the mess is strategic and made to compliment the overall style. This slight shag is perfect for the bride who enjoys the simple, pretty things in life. 

Floral Braids

If you want to truly feel like a flower princess then braided wedding hair decked out in floral flowers is just the thing you are looking for! Weaving flowers throughout the braid creates an intricate, detailed, gorgeous hairstyle that is perfect for a wedding. Use flowers that will match the ones in your bouquet! This will make it just that much more impressive.

Fancy Ponytails

If you love a good pony, then this is just the look for you. This style will keep your hair off your neck, pulled back, and out of the way, while still creating that stylish wedding style you want!

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