Look Fabulous for the Holidays with Vomor Lash Extensions


The holidays are coming up quickly and with them comes shopping, dinner get-togethers, holiday parties, family events, and gift-giving. Not only will you want to look your best for friends and family, but you’ll also want to streamline your makeup routine so that you save all the time you can in the morning and while getting ready for those nightly festivities. Vomor Lash Extensions at Rizzieri Salon keeps your eyes looking fabulous 24/7 while letting you skip the hassle of smearing, smudging, and re-application of mascara every day.

How do lash extensions work? Vomor lash extensions are natural-looking extensions that are handcrafted to look like real lashes. Our Rizzieri estheticians are specially-trained to permanently adhere our lash extensions for long-lasting wear.

All lashes have a natural life-cycle where our eyelashes grow, shed, and are replaced by new lashes. Lash extensions are made to shed along with your natural lash so that they look as natural and healthy as your real lashes. You will need to come in for a fill appointment to replace extensions to the new lashes growing in. It’s quick and easy to keep your lash extensions looking incredible for as long as you want.

What are the benefits of lash extensions? Besides making your morning routine quicker and easier, your lash extensions will create fuller, darker, and longer lashes that look picture-perfect without the need for mascara or a lash curler. Because your extensions are waterproof, you don’t need to worry about smudging or smearing in any weather. In fact, you’ll be amazed at how your eyes will appear more dramatic, helping you look more alert and awake whether it’s early morning or after a long day.

What’s so special about Vomor Lash?

  • Vomor lashes are pre-made lash fans that are fuller, thicker, and healthier-looking than other brands
  • Vomor lash extensions are extremely lightweight
  • They hold their curl with amazing retention
  • Available in 3 looks; strong, natural, or soft
  • They align with Aveda core values
  • Vomor offers professional training to guarantee your lash technician is properly trained.

Are lash extensions for you? Vomor extensions are safe to use and there is little chance of sensitivity. They are good for everyone no matter the length or fullness of your natural lashes. Your Rizzieri esthetician will help you determine the look you want to achieve with your extensions whether it be bold and dramatic or soft and romantic.

At Rizzieri Salon & Spa, our lash extension experts are ready to help you look and feel your best for the holidays without adding extra time to your routine. We have two convenient locations to serve you. Our Moorestown location, conveniently located in Moorestown Mall at 400 NJ-38 Suite 1440, Moorestown, NJ, and our Washington Township location at 389 Ganttown Road, Sewell, NJ. Give us a call: Moorestown – 856-985-1225 or Washington Twp – 856-582-3750. Or you can book online for both our Moorestown and Washington Township locations.

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