What Cupping Massage Therapy Is And How It Benefits You and Others


If you are thinking about getting a cupping massage treatment, you are in for quite a treat. There are a lot of great reasons to try out cupping massage therapy. Not only does it relax you, but it holds a number of health benefits, and provides you with a unique, memorable experience that you have to try at least once. It is a unique way to receive a massage after all! If you’re curious, we can tell you exactly what it is, how it works and everything you stand to gain from routine sessions. 

What Cupping Massage Therapy Is

Before you go to get your first cupping treatment you should at least know the basics of what a cupping massage is. It is believed that it originated in ancient Egypt, Middle Eastern cultures, and China, its purpose is to relieve pain and stress. Now, this does mean that the technique is a couple of thousand years old, but that is part of the beauty of it all. It has had a long time to be perfected as a technique and has had the opportunity to help thousands of people over the years with their pain and anxieties. It can also help people with certain health concerns. But what is the process? It is quite a simple concept, though requires a professional to execute properly. Sets of cups will be placed on your skin strategically in order to target particular areas. These cups can be made out of a variety of materials, including but not limited to glass and bamboo. What these cups do upon placement, is create suction on the skin with the use of heat. This suction can promote blood flow, reduce pain, and more.

The Health Benefits Of Utilizing Cupping Massage Therapy

If you struggle with any sort of health problem, you might consider using cupping therapy to help. Those who suffer from chronic pain and need a little help in healing or recovery from muscle damage can benefit from a few sessions to aid their condition. Various issues like arthritis, carpal tunnel, fibromyalgia, migraines, general chronic pain, and even problems like asthma and gastrointestinal issues have been shown in studies to improve upon an individual receiving cupping massage therapy. The increase in blood flow from this treatment also helps promote a good circulatory system, promoting healthy cell repairs. 

Mental Health Help With Cupping

When you treat yourself to something like this, it is considered self-care. And when you do self-care, you are treating your mental health the way it should be treated. Now, there are a variety of ways that cupping massage therapy helps in the regulation of your mental health. For one, taking some time for yourself to relax is just a standard self-care tactic. But you also must consider the anxiety-relieving effects of the procedure. It activates your nervous system, in a good way, to promote relaxation and combat worries and anxieties. There is the added benefit of how treating all of the above afflictions with cupping therapy can affect you mentally. When you suffer from chronic pain, you can almost stop noticing it if you have lived with it for a while. The same applies if you have chronically stiff muscles. Having the pain relieved, if only for a while, as well as treating other physical ailments, can have a drastic effect on your mental well-being as well as your physical. Helping you to become less irritable, if it is something you struggle with.

The Physical Changes Cupping Therapy Can Cause

Even if you are not looking into cupping for health reasons, there are also aesthetic influences that might drive you to get the treatment. If you are particularly insecure about something like stretch marks, have a scar you want to reduce the look of, or dislike the look of spider veins, cupping can help with this too. Now, of course, there is absolutely no shame in possessing these qualities! Everyone is unique, and imperfections are a part of that. We also know that some people struggle with these looks, and cupping massages can help reduce them.

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