Go Check Out These Beautiful Makeup Looks For Spring 2023


2023 makeup is essential to staying trendy and chic, especially with Spring being here. We want to make sure that everyone looks their very best every season, so Rizzieri is one of the best places to go to get your makeup done for any special occasion. So we want to encourage you, with a list of some of the most gorgeous trends in makeup this year. 

Y2k Is Back!!

The trends from the early 2000s are making their rounds again this year with bold colors, pastels, patterns, and more. Whether it is makeup or not actually, you will find a lot of y2kn looks are having their time in the sun. So bust out those retro makeup looks for a great Spring look. 

Chrome And Metallic Eye Looks

Think fantasy, or sci-fi, when it comes to these looks. You can mimic what you might call “mermaid” makeup or match the chromatic sheen of futuristic aesthetics. Shiny metallic shades of all colors, silver, gold, and blue. You could even go for something with a rainbow effect for extra spring pizazz.

Facial Gemstones 

Remember how popular facial gems were in 2022? Well, this year they are still big! Love for them has only grown more and more- the glitz and glam of the style are perfect for a bold-faced and dramatic look. Fancy occasions haven’t known glamorous looks like this for a long time. 

Bright & Colorful Mascara

This is a great way to be able to add some eccentric pops of color to your look. You could even try colorful false lashes, for a smooth, long-lasting appearance. Longer lashes with bright hues are a great way to really make yourself stand out this year. No matter if you choose the mascara, false lashes, or even get them tinted, you can be sure that this is a lovely way to add some extra style to your makeup. 

Try A Red Lip Look

Want something classic? A stunning red lip is just the thing you need for that. Spice up your look and add in some gorgeous color with a splash of red- it’s perfect for parties, special occasions, elegant dances, business, and more. No matter the look that you are looking for, a red lips will work. 

Deep Rosy Cheeks

If you want a noticeable look, this is the one for you. Warmed-up cheeks with a deep rosy blush are just the thing to really bring your look all together. Not only does it go along with Y2k fashion, but the look of dusting blush across the cheeks and the bridge of the nose is gorgeous too. 

Cool-Toned Eye Makeup

This year we need to think about cool colors. Neutral tones with soft chilled looks, and colors that match blue, purple, and green. Ashy grey, mauve, powder blue, and emerald green are a few examples of colors to opt for when you are getting your makeup done. Be neutral tones or bright, cool colors and tones are one thing we love. 

Beautiful Siren Eyes

Siren eyes are the newest big thing in eyeliner since doe eyes. This look slims the eye and gives it an elongated look, creating a mysterious and elegant siren-like aesthetic that anyone can absolutely fall in love with. Try these for a dramatic look, or even for a date night where you’re looking to impress. 

The Natural Look

If you prefer less makeup, then a natural look may be closer to your speed. Sometimes they say, less is more and when you love this look then that is precisely the case. We can appreciate the love for a simpler kind of beauty- but even with a no-makeup look, you can still apply light foundations, eyeliner, and nude colors for a lovely 2023 Springtime look. 

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