Treating Your Hair Right So It Stays Smooth And Healthy


Keeping your hair healthy can involve a variety of things, from hair cuts to different kinds of hair treatments and products. There are a lot of tips and tricks you can use to help maintain smooth healthy hair. Here we will be discussing just a few of those things in hopes of helping you prevent, treat, and cure damaged locks so you can have the healthy vibrant hair you deserve.

Limit Wash Days

Washing your hair every day or even every time you shower is a mistake a lot of people make for a long time. Not to worry. This is an easy fix. For a lot of people, you can just simply stop washing your hair every day, and give it a rest from shampoos that strip away the oil it needs to be healthy. You do of course have to determine what is best for your hair, but even if you simply wash every other day, that will make for healthier hair than if it is an everyday routine.

Watch For Parabens

Parabens are not good for your hair. They can cause skin irritation, certain studies suggest they impact hormone health, and on top of everything else they also just simply are not great for environmental health. However, in terms of your hair, your hormones can have a big impact on its health and appearance. You can identify parabens in your products by looking for ingredients that end in the suffix, “paraben”. 

Getting It Cut

Making sure to cut your hair regularly prevents a harsh cycle of damaged hair breaking off, preventing growth, and healthy hair from becoming damaged as it tries to grow out. Cutting your hair regularly, even if it is just simply a trim, not only keeps your hair healthy but helps it to grow out longer, and faster. This helps to ensure that 

Gentle Detangling

A lot of people make the mistake of being rough with their hair when they go to brush it or comb it. This can result in gradually damaging your hair more and more over time, because hair that is ripped and torn is prone to break and split, being made vulnerable from the harsh treatment. On top of this people with extremely long hair, while they need to be careful not to over-brush, should also consider running their brush from roots to ends once it has been properly detangled. The ends of your hair are most prone to breakage because the oil on your head is primarily distributed through the hair already on the scalp. Brushing it out can help distribute it evenly all through the rest of your hair, hydrating it naturally and helping to prevent breakage and hay-like textures without costing you a dime. 

Use Lukewarm or Cool Water

Hot water can have the same negative effects as unprotected heated styling on your hair. Heat damage can cause a lot of problems for your hair, causing it to dry out. Hot water also specifically strips your hair of the oils it needs to be healthy. Without them, it gets dry and breaks off. Using lukewarm or cool water to wash and rinse your hair is a good way to combat this problem if you believe this to be the culprit for your problems. 

Monitor Heat Styling

Heated styling is a ‘sometimes’ thing for a lot of people, or at least it should be. Heated styling in and of itself is not bad, it just needs to be done right. You want to protect your hair from the heat with some kind of heat protectant before you begin to style. You also want to avoid using heated styling tools on wet hair. If when you apply a straightening iron or a curling rod, your hair sizzles, that should tell you everything you need to know about why that is not a good idea. 

When Swimming, Wear a Cap

There are a lot of harsh chemicals in pools that your hair can absorb that can really contribute to the amount of damage done to your hair after the summer is over. Especially if you use a pool frequently. This is especially so for people with extremely porous hair. Preventing your hair from getting wet with a swim cap, pre-soaking it, and applying a conditioner before getting in the pool can help keep your hair from absorbing the harsh pool water and keep it from getting dried out. 

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