How Getting Monthly Manicures Is Good For You


Need a good reason to get a new manicure? Well, you’re in luck. There are a lot of reasons to get a manicure, and they don’t have to be focused on pursuing the hottest new craze. If you think about why you want a manicure, you may realize that your reason for wanting a manicure is something different from needing to look good for a formal event. If not, sit back and listen as we tell you why you should be getting a beautiful monthly manicure. 

They Relieve Stress

This is perhaps the biggest promoter for manicures, not the desire for pretty nails- you’re treating yourself. It is something everyone needs a little of in life. Pampering yourself and giving yourself some time to relax and have others wait on you is good for your mental wellbeing, and well worth a monthly visit to the salon. 

They Promote Hand Health

A manicure does much more than just paint your nails. Your hands and nails will be treated with care. They’ll be clipped and filed to a healthy level, your cuticles and skin will be given attention and your manicurist can even help prevent painful ingrown nails. Keeping your hands healthy is vital. We use them every day, after all- they’re one of our most useful tools. 

They Encourage Confidence

When you’ve spent the time and money to have your nails, and thus yourself, treated well, it is going to boost your confidence. This is especially true if you are satisfied with the new look you’ve been given.

They Stimulate Circulation in The Hand

This is especially true if your manicure is accompanied by a hand massage or any sort of creams and lotions. Blood flow is stimulated to the extremities, meaning that your hands will be able to be warmer in colder months, and on top of that it is simply good to treat your skin well. Especially on the part of the body used most in day-to-day life. 

You can get a beautiful and relaxing new manicure at  Rizzieri Salon & Spa, where our manicurists are ready to give you the service you deserve. We have two different locations for you to choose from. Our Moorestown location is located in Moorestown Mall at 400 NJ-38 Suite 1440, Moorestown, NJ, and our Washington Township location can be found at 389 Ganttown Road, Sewell, NJ. You can call us: Moorestown – 856-985-1225 or Washington Twp – 856-582-3750. Or you can book online for both our Moorestown and Washington Township locations. 

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