Get New and Beautiful Highlights and Colors This Fall With Rizzieri


If you are looking for a look to brighten up your style before autumn comes around, Highlights or a new trendy color may be just the thing you need to spice up your Fall of 2022. From styles to colors, with a new season comes the time to keep up with the newest popular looks.


Babylights are a very cute current trend for highlights that everyone is loving right now. Think of them as highlights, but subtle. They are a lot less noticeable and give your hair a subtle change rather than something huge. It is a great way to experiment with how you want your hair to look, or add softer shades to your natural color without a huge change.

Nostalgic Playground Highlights

Playground highlights are primarily meant to mimic the sun-kissed look a child's hair will have when playing outside all day. With fall around the corner, we will not have as much opportunity to be out in bright sunlight to get this effect naturally, so you can be sure that this will work well in its place if you crave that playground look. This is a highlight look that will stay hot throughout the rest of the year.

Toned Down Highlights

If you want to do something new with your hair, but want to keep it warm and soft, you can try a toned-down highlight. It is essentially the same thing as a highlight but done with darker colors to add depth and warmth rather than to brighten up the hair. Reddish brown shades can work great for this particular trend.

Purple Undertones

If you are looking for a more punk style, purple tones are a good way to go. Purple is a popular color this year in any shade, and is great for starting fall semesters if you want to have a new look going into college classes.

Metallic Copper Highlights

Copper is a great color to emphasize the turning leaves of fall. And using it as a highlight can be an amazing way to incorporate the color into your hairdo. Whether you just like earthy shades or want to match the season, copper is a color you will absolutely love.

Colorful Ribbons

While not exclusive to the fall trends this year, rainbow colors highlights are a gorgeous trend set for any time in 2022. This is good for anyone who wants to have bright hair, loves color, and does not mind not sticking to trends based on season alone. This is a way to let out your wild side at any time or to embrace your inner child. Let yourself have the hair of your dreams with the bright colors that compliment your personality.

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