Beautiful Back To School Hairstyles For Your Teenager To Start Off Right This Year


With the back-to-school season here we all know our kids are excited, and nervous about their new days. You can help your teenage daughter fight those nerves by ensuring she will have the best hair day and hairstyle she can ask for. We have a list of some looks that are trendy, as well as looks popular for the back-to-school days ahead. 

Dutch Pigtails

This fun look takes the classic dutch braid and gives it a little extra personality by turning it into a pair of cute pigtails. Instead of braiding when you reach the bottom of the head, secure it well with an elastic and your teen will be sure to fall in love with her cute new hairstyle

Elegant Braided Knot

The braided knot is a lovely updo look that requires braiding the hair around the head and all the way to the ends. Then the braided hair is brought into the back and pinned up in a bun, creating a beautiful and elegant look perfect for the back-to-school season. 

Hidden Elastic Ponytail 

This is simply a normal ponytail, but with the hair wrapped around it at the base instead of a hair tie- or so it would seem. Your daughter should braid a strand of hair, and then once it has all been put into a ponytail and secured, that braided portion gets wrapped around the hair tie, making it look like it is being held in place by the braid alone. It is a simple, beautiful, quick look, especially good for mornings when you find yourself running a bit late. 

Half-up Bun

Putting your hair in a half-up hairstyle is never a bad choice. You get to pull your hair back out of the way, while still showing off your lovely locks. A half-up bun can be neat or messy, it just depends on your personal style. 

Low Knot

A low knot is a look similar to a low bun but twisted instead into a secure, twisted knot. This trendy look should have the hair resting at the nape of the neck, and be smooth, casual, and pretty. This is a good look to allow your child to stay focused, but not worry about her looks because she will know she looks amazing. 

Bubble Braids

Bubble braids are a cutesy and fun look any middle or high schooler will love. This look is not a typical braid- as a matter of fact, it is one of the simplest there is. You just need a lot of hair elastics, because once you secure it at the top, to achieve this look, the hair will need to be poofed up in a bubble shape and secured with another elastic. This process continues down the strands until the end is reached. 

Double Buns

Double buns are fun and adorable. This hairstyle is perfect for young girls, giving them a cool and trendy hairstyle that matches their bubbly personalities. And what is great about this is that this look can work with any style, so even if she is having any particular style phases, she can still enjoy this gorgeous trend. 

Perfect Perm

Perms are in style and a great way for your kids to change up their hairstyles if they want. Perms are beautiful of course and can bring new life to dull hair that is otherwise healthy but just feels boring. Just make sure your child understands how to take care of curly hair! Choose the proper products for styling and care, and make sure that they have the right tools to detangle their curls such as a wide tooth comb. 

At Rizzieri Salon & Spa, our hair experts are ready to help your teenagers find the perfect hairstyle for this new school year. We have two wonderfully convenient locations to serve you well. Our Moorestown location is located in Moorestown Mall at 400 NJ-38 Suite 1440, Moorestown, NJ, and our Washington Township location is at 389 Ganttown Road, Sewell, NJ. Give us a call: Moorestown – 856-985-1225 or Washington Twp – 856-582-3750. Or book online for both our Moorestown and Washington Township locations.

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